Make Hay
While the Sun

Make Hay While The Sun Shines! Centrally located in Uptown Charlotte, Haymaker Restaurant brings locally inspired and seasonal food to the Queen City.

Our kitchen reinterprets the bounty of the Piedmont area and Appalachia, and explores our foodways, both historic and present across our region.

We work with a larder of ingredients indigenous to the area, crafting menus that are seasonal, healthy, and locally inspired.

Located in an urban setting on Romare Bearden Park, our restaurant proudly follows LEED accredited building practices. Our kitchen is fueled by our brick hearth, artisanal products, and daily farm fresh deliveries. Overall, the restaurant is modern, while embracing the handcrafted artisans and furniture builders of North Carolina. Our food and drink offerings follow suit, honoring a heritage and contemporary approach with respect for our hard working farmers and haymakers.

Heirloom ingredients, pickling, preservation, and sustainably sourced seafood and meats lead the way to crafting our menus at Haymaker. Our restaurant is as laid back and casual as it is a place to celebrate, evoking the urban heart of the city while paying respect to our country roots. We’re a place for each and all: a neighborhood restaurant and bar, a place for friends to gather, and a destination for business folks and travelers to dine.

Make hay while the sun shines and share a meal at our table.